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Do you have an office wellness group? Is your company looking for a way to promote active and healthy lifestyle? Research has shown that having healthy and active employees who work out and practice good nutrition is more productive than those who sit in the office for 8 hours, smoke, get drunk and sleep after. Do you have an office with zombies on a graveyard shift? Are they often cranky? We can help you promote fun, active and healthy lifestyle for your offices. This means less sick days, happy employees and better results for your company. If you want to run weight loss challenges or run a healthy lifestyle bonus all you need to do is shoot us an email. We do fitness and wellness consultation for offices. Send us an email to set-up an appointment

A.N.G first originated in the beautiful islands of Hawaii through the persistent, active and funny Evan Rhodes and now has set its ground in the Philippines. We are a small group who want s to serve the community to promote a healthy, fun and active lifestyle. We do free and fun workout sessions every week in Makati and Fort areas. Yes IT’s FREE!!!

Do you know that a 150lb person jogging for 30 minutes will lose 472 calories? Boxing for 1 hour can help you burn 1,000 calories. Zumba can make you lose 600 calories for 30 minutes. Crossfit can make you lose the same amount of calories for 15 minutes or less. Think gym membership’s burn your pocket? Have you tried lots of workout programs but it never worked? Think 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. We can help you. All you need to do is ASK!


Yes, when we say weekly it’s T-TH at BGC and W-F-S at Ayala Triangle Park. If you want to join, simply look for our colourful cones! J To know more about workout schedule and your coaches, you can pre-register in advance by sending an email to (Since we have our regular day jobs, we cannot post our mobile number and get fired with our non-stop buzzing phones but we’d love to chat and exchange emails with you.)


All it takes is 30-45 seconds in 12 stations with a mix of running, agility, jumping, core and strength training. Lose pounds, gain muscle and get the abs you always wanted. Our full pledged weight loss program offers results guaranteed. We do offer variety of workouts for kids, beginners and advanced levels. Bring your kids and friends along! Let’s start the fun!